Muralo is a paint manufacturing company with 120 years of experience in the business. In fact, Muralo is the oldest family owned paint manufacturer in the United States. Throughout its history, Muralo has developed upscale products that have attracted discriminating painting contractors and do-it-yourselfers. The Muralo brand is distributed exclusively to independent paint and decorating products dealers.

The Muralo Company was founded in 1894 on Staten Island, New York and it has been in the Norton & Son family of companies since 1955. Since its beginning, Norton & Son has acquired a number of companies, the most recent of which is the Graham Paint & Varnish Company of Chicago. From a start with 4 people in 1944, Norton & Son has grown to employ as many as 300. Edward Norton, the founder of Norton & Son and his son, Edward Norton Jr. have since passed away. Mr. Norton Jr.'s three sons, two nephews, a cousin, a grandson and a host of people who are considered family continue the business efforts of Norton & Son.

Muralo continues to invest heavily in R&D. In the past few years, Muralo has introduced several innovative products into the market, including NanoKote Ceramic Paint (which uses nanotechnology, provides a mold & mildew resistance to the paint film and protects against water marks), Endure 100% Acrylic House Paint (which can be applied to temperatures as low as 35ºF), Breathe Safe™ Zero VOC finishes and, most recently, Hide It™, a new line of super strength colorants. Muralo also makes its own resins, which allows the company to cater to very specific market needs.

The Muralo Company Time Line

The Muralo Company is founded on Staten Island, New York.

Creation of Spackle®, a registered trademark of the Muralo Company. The original dry powder product (to be mixed with water by the user) was brought to market in 1927, then patented and trademarked in 1928.

Edward Norton, a native of Staten Island, starts Norton & Son.

The Muralo Company becomes the first independent paint manufacturer to make latex emulsion.

Edward Norton acquires the Muralo Company.

In 1956 Muralo engineers a unique hi-build Interior/Exterior Latex Waterproofing Paint, designed to resist up to 2 lbs. of water per square inch below ground, to waterproof basements and exterior masonry surfaces. It was later reformulated in the late 90’s using high performance waterborne resins to resist hydrostatic pressure up to 4 lbs. of water per square inch below ground and 95 miles per hour hurricane force wind driven rain above ground.

Norton & Son acquires Elder & Jenks of Philadelphia, PA, the oldest, continuously operating, brush and roller maker in the country, Elgin brush of Manhattan, NY and Modern Accessories of Keansburg, NJ.

Norton & Son acquires Jacobus Brush of Caldwell, NJ.

Norton & Son acquires Olympic Paint & Chemical of Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix, AZ.

Norton & Son acquires Degen Oil Company of Jersey City, NJ.

Edward Norton, the founder of Muralo Company passes away.

Norton & Son acquires Adhesium Company of Carlstadt, NJ.

Norton & Son acquires Synkoloid Company of Northbrook, IL.

The Muralo Company discovers that the use of hollow glass bubbles permits filling and resurfacing damaged areas in one application without any shrinkage or cracks, which leads them to create Spackle® Lite.

Ultimate Mid Gloss Exterior House Paint is developed by Muralo. Based on a proprietary 100% Acrylic Resin Emulsion, it provides the most durable fade resistant finish with superior adhesion that resists flaking and peeling, offering lasting protection.

Muralo's Ultra Waterborne line of interior finishes is first launched into the paint market. Ultra Waterborne paints are based on a proprietary fine particle size waterborne styrene-acrylic resin and ceramic microspheres technology, pioneered by Muralo.

With a demand of epoxy in the market, Muralo designes Ultra-Tred, a 2-Component Waterborne Epoxy Coating specially designed for use in heavy duty areas such as school cafeterias and lockers, car washes, commercial & residential garages, industrial floors and walls, where maximum abrasion and chemical resistance properties are desired.

Based on the same technology as that of Mid-Gloss, Muralo developes Ultimate Low Lustre, which has a lower gloss and sheen for those who want a low gloss finish on their exterior siding.

Norton & Son acquires the Graham Paint and Varnish Company in Chicago to become the clear-cut leader in the waterborne architectural coatings segment of the coatings industry.

Aqua Borne Ceramithane, the Graham Paint and Varnish Company's Waterborne Clear Finish, a superior finish that’s ideal for all surfaces, is introduced. A water-borne acrylic-urethane clear coating, Ceramithane has a high-build formula that leaves a luxurious, deep, rich finish with just two coats.

The Muralo Company adds a new member to its Spackle® family-Professional Grade Spackle®. This most advanced version of Spackle®-the original and still the leader of spackling products after 79 years-has all the properties that professionals demand such as high build, quick drying, easy sanding. Plus, it's ideal for interior and exterior use and does not dry up in the can.

Muralo introduces the new Decorative Floor Flecks. Floor Flecks are great for decorating garage and basement floors and also improve slip resistance of painted floors. They are available in three different colors: Emerald, Ruby and Aqua, and come in an easy to use container.

Muralo introduces Endure 100% Acrylic House paint. Its advanced technology produces a high build, durable, exterior finish by creating a thicker, more flexible film in just one coat. Endure can be applied in low temperatures down to 35°F. It resists peeling, cracking and blistering. Protected by a lifetime warranty, Endure offers a durable, mildew and algae resistant coating.

Muralo introduces the NanoKote™ Ceramic Paint, which uses nanotechnology, provides a mold & mildew resistance to the paint film and protects against water marks.

Muralo introduces the Breathe Safe™ Zero V.O.C. line of eco-friendly wall finishes, ceiling paint and primer.

Edward Norton Jr. passes away. The family tradition his father created continues to be upheld by his three sons, James S. Norton (President), Edward Norton III (V.P. Productions), Michael J. Norton (V.P. of Elder & Jenks), two nephews, a cousin, a grandson and a host of people who are considered part of the family.

Muralo introduces Hide It™, a new line of super strength colorants. Muralo’s Ultra Waterborne finishes tinted with Hide it™ super strength colorants deliver maximum color performance, achieving true, vivid colors, with a minimal number of coats. No priming is required.

The latest addition to the Muralo family is Ceramic Pro 100% Acrylic House Paint. Formulated with an advanced acrylic resin emulsion, Ceramic Pro provides the painted surface with long-lasting protection. Ceramic Pro provides protection to the dried paint film from mold & mildew growth, has excellent flash/rust resistance, resists cracking, peeling and will retain its color value for years.