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Problem Solver - Interior

Find solutions for a selection of interior painting problems here.
Note: Images provided by The Rohm & Hass Paint Quality Institute.

Dome shaped paint bubbles indicating loss of adhesion. Can occur in isolation or groups.
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Two painted surfaces sticking together when pressed against the other, such as doors and windows.
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Spots of increased sheen where paint is rubbed. Even a fingernail stroke can burnish.
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Caulking failures
Loss of the protective moisture seal die to the loss of initial adhesion and flexibility.
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Coalescence Void
Paint not forming a continuous film when surface temperature is too cold, usually below 50°F.
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Aged paint splitting through at least one coat with flaking occurring in the larger stages.
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Poor sheen uniformity (flashing)
Uneven gloss with shiny or dull spots on painted surfaces.
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Flow/leveling failure
Excessive brush or roller marks causing an unsightly non-uniform surface.
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Excessive bubbling that doesn't flow out and leaves crates or depressions in the paint film.
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Lap marks
Occurs where wet and dry layers overlap during painting. Avoid with paint area management and technique.
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Areas of black, gray brown fungus growing on paint and other surfaces, particularly in damp areas.
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Mud Cracking
Looks like dried mud with deep irregular cracks in the dry paint film.
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Picture Framing
Darker color where ceilings, windows, doors and corner areas were cut-in with a brush.
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Poor Hiding
Failure of the finish coat to cover the previous color or a new substrate.
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Print resistance failure
Marking of paint from the weight of an object such as a dish or shelf.
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Roller marks
A stipple texture pattern from the roller, not desirable or planned.
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Paint running down immediately after application leaving an uneven coating appearance.
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Scrubbing Failure
Excessive wearing away of the paint film from repeated scrubbings.
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A spray of paint droplets from the roller cover as the paint is being applied.
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Stain Resistance failure
Paint soiling with minimal resistance to the absorption of dirt and stains.
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Touch-up failure
A difference in color and appearance between the original paint and the touch-up spots.
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A rough crinkled surface caused by a drying interference and forming a wrinkled skin.
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