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Occurs where wet and dry layers overlap during painting. Avoid with paint area management and technique.

Lapping probable causes - wet and dry layers overlapping. Too much heat or wind during application. Inadequate stirring and improper thinning. Extremely porous surface. Painting too large an area at one time, such as trying to go from top to the bottom.

Lapping solutions - another coat of paint evenly spread usually will cover lap marks. If the finish coat is relatively transparent or of the surface is overly porous, a primer or second coat may be necessary. Always paint from wet to dry and in small sections to keep a wet edge.

Primers and exterior finishes - Priming is essential for better adhesion, sheen uniformity, mildew control and durability. Ask your Muralo dealer for the best Muralo exterior paint for your project, in the color and sheen of your choice.