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Areas of black, gray brown fungus growing on paint and other surfaces, particularly in damp areas.

Mildew Probable Causes - warm humid conditions with poor air circulation. Painting over mildew without removal treatment. Excessive damp conditions, e.g. baths/kitchens. Poor surface preparation. Hidden moisture sources, such as a leaky roof encourages mildew growth.

Mildew Solutions - remove all mildew by scrubbing with a solution of household bleach (1 part) and water (3 parts). Wear rubber gloves and eye protection. Thoroughly rinse with water. Install vents and exhaust fans in high moisture areas like baths, kitchen and laundry rooms.

Primer and Interior Finishes - Priming is essential for better adhesion, sheen uniformity, mildew control and durability. Ask your Muralo dealer for the best Muralo interior paint for your project, in the color and sheen of your choice.