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Touch-up failure

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A difference in color and appearance between the original paint and the touch-up spots.

Touch-up failures causes - poor technique. Touching-up with a different batch number and applicator. Touching-up at different temperatures. Failure to reduce the touch-up paint by 25%. Touching-up marks that could not be removed by washing with a sponge and liquid detergent.

Touch-up solutions - always use the same batch number when available. Try to wash the mark off first with a sponge and liquid detergent. Use only enough paint to cover the mark, excess paint may cause a halo. Use a feathering-in technique, avoid dabbing. Thin paint up to 25%.

Primers and Interior Finishes - Priming is essential for better adhesion, sheen uniformity, mildew control and durability. Ask your Muralo dealer for the best Muralo interior paint for your project, in the color and sheen of your choice.