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Technical Data Safety Data Sheet

(Theatrical and deep colors)


A premium quality vinyl acrylic based interior flat finish in pure and vibrant high chroma colors especially designed for use in theatre, film, television scenery and display. It dries fast in less than an hour to a rich, velvet-like non-reflective matte finish. It adheres to any scenic surface without additives required by casein or protein based paints. All Muralo Vogue Deep Colors can be intermixed for any hue, shade or tint desired. Also, they may be used for tinting any other latex paint.

Muralo's Chroma Key Green and Blue Video Colors are formulated using state-of-the-art technology They have been tested by the Muralo technical staff and TV. Studio technicians for correct luminance and high resolution of R G B values for optimum operation of the Ultimatte™ Video System.

On any interior painted or unpainted surfaces such as wallboard, wood, canvas, wallpaper, plaster, various plastics & metals, brick, stone, concrete and masonry where a full range of clean and vivid hues for painting or decorating are desired.

• Interior Latex Matte Finish
• Available in 18 Deep Tone Colors
• Vibrant Chroma Colors
• Non-reflective finish
• Used in Theatres & Television Studios